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Billing - The Surgical Group of Southwest Michigan
We participate with many insurance companies and will do the billing for you.

It is your responsibility to check with your carrier to see if we participate, as this seems to constantly be changing. If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment so that we may scan it into our system.

Please be sure and notify our staff of any change in your coverage. If your insurance plan requires that you pay a "co-pay" for office appointments, please be prepared to pay this before you leave the office.

Our billing staff is always willing to assist you.

Partcipating Insurance Companies


BILLING YOUR INSURANCE: As a service to our patients, our office will bill your insurance carrier. The final responsibility for the entire balance belongs to you, the patient. You will be expected to pay for any charges that are not covered by your insurance such as co-payments, deductibles, or balances left from an insurance payment. Payment will be expected from you 30 days from the date of billing. It is up to you to contact your carrier regarding any problems or delays you might be having with your claims, although we would be happy to address any questions that you have. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa , American Express and Discover Card payments. Co-Pays must be paid at the time of your visit. Our billing department can be reached at 269.552.2017, 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

What does "PARTICIPATE WITH INSURANCE" mean? WE PARTICIPATE WITH many insurance companies. You remain responsible for co-pays or deductibles even if we participate with your insurance carrier. Please ask us immediately if you have any questions about your insurance.

IF WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE WITH your insurance company, we will still bill your carrier for you. In some cases, your insurance company will pay a portion of the charges, and the remaining unpaid balance is your responsibility. It is the policy of The Surgical Group of Southwest Michigan to verify co-insurance and deductible costs prior to elective surgery. The patient (responsibility party) will be required to pay 100% of their estimated deductible and co-insurance 48 hours prior to surgery. Surgery may be cancelled and rescheduled if payment is not received. In the case of any overpayment this will be promptly refunded.

REFERRALS OR AUTHORIZATIONS: If your insurance carrier requires a referral or authorization, these usually come from your primary care physician. Please make sure that this is in place before services are provided. If proper authorization is not obtained, you may be responsible for the entire balance. If further testing is ordered from our office, we will help you obtain the necessary authorization.

WORKER COMPENSATION: If this is a work related injury, YOU MUST OBTAIN A STATEMENT OF AUTHORIZATION FROM YOUR EMPLOYER'S INSURANCE CARRIER FOR SERVICES BEFORE YOU WILL BE SEEN. If you do not present such authorization in writing before your appointment, you are responsible for the entire payment at the time of your services. If we receive notice of payment dispute, payment for services becomes your responsibility.

AUTO CLAIMS: if this is an auto insurance claim, please bring your insurance policy information so we may bill for you. Without billing information, you will be responsible for all charges.

LEGAL ACTIONS FOR PERSONAL INJURY: if you are involved with legal action for personal injury, we do not accept this as a reason to delay payment for our services. Responsibility of payment belongs to the patient. We can provide your attorney information they request with a signed release from you and there will be a fee for this service.

Revised 1-25-2017

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